Dawn Roberts ~ Pflugerville, TX

I have wanted to do a PLR for a few years now. Read more . . .

I have wanted to do a PLR for a few years now. I have been very interested in Dolores Cannon and her technique. I had come to a crossroad in my life and decided to find some spiritual guidance. I went to Dolores Cannon's website and I found Yvonne Self. I knew, intuitively that she was ABSOLUTELY the person I needed to help me push through my fears. I was NOT disappointed. My session was incredible and Yvonne is AMAZING. I feel that I have known her for many lifetimes. I am usually extremely shy around people I do not know, but I was very comfortable around Yvonne. I highly recommend Yvonne for a PLR and spiritual guidance.


Lynne T. ~ Austin, TX

I have so many great things to say about my experience with Yvonne, I don't know where to start ! Read more . . .

I have so many great things to say about my experience with Yvonne, I don't know where to start! First off, Yvonne is such a kind, gentle, and wise woman. Sitting with her before my session, she made me feel comfortable and I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. Then upon going into my regression, I was the most relaxed I had been in a long time. She guided me through a few past lives which answered my questions I was inquiring about and then some. I learned so much about myself and it helped me connect the dots. It was a beautiful experience that I think and talk about often. I highly recommend Yvonne's services to anyone inquiring. I look forward to scheduling another session with her sometime soon! -J


Marissa Awtry ~ Austin, TX

Yvonne is one of the most gifted and healing individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. Read more . . .

Yvonne is one of the most gifted and healing individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. I was originally introduced to energy healing in Ecuador and it made such a huge impact on the way I felt, I knew I needed to find someone to see on a regular basis when I returned to Austin.

Yvonne has counseled me through several significant life events and I've personally gotten more out of our sessions together than the many years I've attended mainstream counseling. I truly believe that her life's work is to offer loving, helpful guidance to her clients and she is incredibly gifted at doing so.”

I highly recommend her services to family and friends and anyone reading this who might be contemplating scheduling a session with her.


Courtney Nichols ~ Austin, TX

I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance. Read more . . .

I was feeling a strong sense of stagnancy and dissatisfaction in my life when I met Yvonne. I sought her help with energy balancing and ongoing spiritual guidance. I immediately noticed a wonderful difference in my energy level after my initial session with Yvonne. She has introduced me to a positive way of thinking that has facilitated the reversal of many of the negative belief systems that had been holding me back from attaining inner peace.

Yvonne is such a calming, positive and immensely enlightened spirit who has become a great source of spiritual guidance for me and has helped me regain much needed balance in my life. What I appreciate most about her is that she is helping me learn to connect with my divine guidance on my own. Yvonne is always an email away when I need her guidance and support. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance. Her presence in my life has been such a blessing!


Brett Wallace MFA, MS, LPC, Therapeutic artist ~ Denton, TX

I researched many regression therapists and finally my intellect and intuition settled on Yvonne... Read more . . .

About one year ago I was beginning some major life changes and I sought to navigate these changes as efficiently as possible. Conventional therapy and prayer and meditation had done much for me but I felt some of the emotional resistance in my life was due to past life issues. I researched many regression therapists and finally my intellect and intuition settled on Yvonne as the Past Life Therapist I should see.

I was very pleased with Yvonne. She did not rush the interview, so I felt she heard me and knew what I wanted out of the session. Yvonne took the time to get me very relaxed so it was easy to access two very different lifetimes. Any trauma was addressed during the session and we reviewed the experience following the regression until I had processed the entire experience. All in all it was a very beneficial therapeutic experience that gave me what I was seeking and some positive fellowship as well. I am grateful for the experience.


Terry Bogner ~ Austin, TX

The session I had with Yvonne was just as good as the one I had with Dolores Cannon. Read more . . .

The session I had with Yvonne was just as good as the one I had with Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon was the master trainer who taught most of the people doing PLR sessions today. My session with Yvonne was very deep and thorough. I noticed benefits later such as feeling music instead of hearing it. Her questioning technique during the session was really good. ”

Even months later, when I pop the USB into my car to rehear parts of the session I gain insights. A recent example of this is my experience living underground with blue skin as one of the lives explored in the session. Then I recently listened to David Wilcock on CoasttoCoastam describing some human type civilizations from the past living underground; one of which had bluish skin.


Chris Bestavros ~ Austin, TX

I am so grateful for the amazing experience I had with my past life regression with Yvonne Self Read more . . .

I am so grateful for the amazing experience I had with my past life regression with Yvonne Self, so much has happened to me since then. The timing of my session was perfect. It gave me the insight I needed to recognize all the good things around me at a time when everything was about to drastically change in my life. It also gave me the courage to see the strengths I have developed in my past lives to get through the changes and embrace them in a positive way. Something I could have easily failed to do. Change is very difficult even at its best.

My higher self told me that my life was just beginning....something I would have never believed had anyone else had told me. Any doubts in myself have been easier to overcome due to the messages I received from my guides that she connected me with. Yvonne has a gift and I’m blessed to have had her share them with me!


Kristen DuBois ~ Austin, TX

I have struggled with depression throughout my life... Read more . . .

I wasn't very familiar with PLR therapy when a friend recommended Yvonne to me. I have struggled with depression throughout my life and have tried different approaches to it without real results. We spoke over the phone first, as I was unsure whether or not the session was right for me. She had thoughtful answers to all of my questions and I was excited to come in.

Talking to her before the session completely put me at ease. She makes a great effort to be sure that you will find what you are looking for in a safe, peaceful environment. The session itself was nothing I could have predicted. All I needed to provide were the questions I had, an open mind and the faith that the answers I was looking for were somewhere in me. During the session she does more than guide you, she looks after you. It was comforting to explore this new, yet in some ways familiar, place with someone holding my hand. Afterwards she discussed everything with me and I received a recording of the session. I felt freed and enlightened.

I would gladly do this again at some point, as there is always so much more to discover. I wouldn't trust just anyone in such a physically and mentally vulnerable position, but I trust her. Looking back I am always putting new pieces together, applying what I learned to every new challenge and change. My friend and I agree about the effect our sessions had on our issues with depression. Our perspectives are shifted in a beautiful, purposeful and irreparable way. Since meeting with Yvonne I have not looked at the world through the hazy filter I had before, and I will always be better for it.


Charlotte Backus ~ Leander, TX

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Yvonne! Read more . . .

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Yvonne! I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) and Past Life Regression session with her. I went in a little nervous, but excited to explore my deepest consciousness. Yvonne immediately put me at ease, and had amazing insight in our initial interview. I felt deeply comfortable as she guided me through my session.

It was definitely a cathartic and transformative process, which I would recommend to anyone who is open enough to give it a try. Not only did I find within myself the answers to my life's biggest question, but I left having a trust in myself that I had not yet experienced. If you find yourself reading this, you should definitely give Yvonne a try. You will not be disappointed!


Mallory Pickrell ~ South Lake Tahoe, CA

...was one of the deepest experiences I've had. Read more . . .

Yvonne has been a monumental part of my life to say the least. We met through a mutual friend and right away I felt drawn to her peaceful and open nature. Her wisdom and intuition permeates everything in her life and the past life regression session I had with her was life changing.

I have been to many different energy workers and therapies around releasing past traumas and becoming more integrated, and this kind of work was one of the deepest experiences I've had. I had many life long piercing questions about myself and a longing to know my purpose, and through this work I was able to gain so much clarity and confidence in who I am.

Yvonne is such a caring and honest communicator, I highly recommend her to all who wish to experience a deeper part of themselves. Thank you Yvonne!


Janet Rowlett ~ Austin, TX

After reading several books on past life regression... Read more . . .

After reading several books on past life regression and the akashic record, I felt it was what I needed to get past a block I felt I had in my spiritual journey. I had a hard time talking about the internal changes that were happening, almost like there was a stranglehold around my throat. I kept everything I was learning and experiencing to myself. Once I decided I needed to get to the bottom of it, I chose Yvonne Self because of her background and experience. She changed my life. I credit that day as the day my true self emerged.

I had never been hypnotized or anything prior, so I was nervous. Yvonne's easy, friendly nature put me immediately at ease when I met her. We first talked about my goals and reviewed the questionnaire, then began the session. She was very calming and reassuring. In the first past life that came to me, I was a peasant woman and had witnessed the head of the village rape a small girl. I was forced to make a decision – do I tell others and risk losing my own life, or do I keep it secret. I chose the latter, clammed up, never spoke a word of it, but it ate at me the rest of my days. I clearly knew this was the block I had felt in my throat. The second life that came to me was a life where I had chosen well, stood up for what I believed in and lived a life of fulfillment. After getting permission to speak to my spirit guides, Yvonne asked why these two lives were revealed to me. The answer was so I would know and feel the difference between living in truth and living in secret. Which felt better?

This was the most profound experience I have ever had, and I turned a corner that day. Yvonne explained that many things may happen in the days after this experience – synchonicities, dreams, symbols, visions. And all of them happened in amazing and unexpected ways to underscore the message from my spirit guides. The recording from the session was profound to hear back and I have referred to it literally countless times since the regression. It is a source of reassurance that I am on the right track.

I thank Yvonne from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. I talk about that experience openly and eagerly and encourage anyone with the slightest interest to do it. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.


Keren Assouline ~ Kileen, TX

The session itself was a small piece of heaven, I went deep into a meditative state quickly... Read more . . .

Yvonne was reffered to me by one of Dolores Cannon's top students. Conveniently Yvonne offices out of her home in Austin which is 40 min away from me. At the time we were a group of 4 ppl wanting to try Past Life Regression/ Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Yvonne was very accommodating of our unique needs. Upon arriving to Yvonne's home there was an immediate click! We were interested in a lot of the same things, we could have talked for hours.

Preparing for our session was very comfortable the environment she created was very relaxing and comforting. The session itself was a small piece of heaven, I went deep into a meditative state quickly due to Yvonne's super skills and I had no idea how deep I went until she brought me out. I was very comfortable and it was a life changing experience.

I highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who is reading this, don't think twice its worth every dime and minute of your time, its life changing. I intend to revisit with Yvonne and dig deeper, I have also referred many people to her all whom experienced profound experiences.


Jackie W. ~ Austin, TX

My experience was much more than I had anticipated. Read more . . .

Yvonne, I wanted to thank you for our session. My experience was much more than I had anticipated. Discussing during our pre-session what the experience would be like was very helpful. I was completely comfortable with you and the space that held us.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy has helped me to realize much more about myself, gaining insight into my present day path and what certain memories mean in this life. Thank you for your kind and gentle approach to a new way to explore this lifetime's meaning. Thank you again, Jackie


Carole M. ~ San Antonio, TX

I have been working with Yvonne on unlocking my spiritual self... Read more . . .

I have been working with Yvonne on unlocking my spiritual self by undergoing several in-depth QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) with the PLR (Past Life Regression) sessions. The QHHT with PLR sessions made an absolutely profound impact on my life by discovering the answers to overcome the many issues and challenges facing me.

During the sessions, I became extremely aware of “my Higher Self”, the part of me that is eternal and connected to divine source. My “higher self” had answers and guidance to my life issues, and I was able to retrieve information that was very relevant to my current situation. The effects of the QHHT/PLR sessions had a tremendous healing impact on my spirit, my mind and my body.

The PLR sessions did not only take me to past lives through many millennia but also to parallel dimensions and a future self, many centuries from now. I was frankly quite shocked when I also received validation of these experiences, approximately three to four weeks after the sessions. Initially, the experiences feet surreal and outlandish, but then after a few days later they would settle in and become part of my daily life, and ingrained in my mind.

I always feel renewed after the sessions with greater clarity mentally and psychologically and totally relaxed physically. The physical effect on my body could be felt immediately after the sessions. My body would feel like it is circulating light and heat helping my joints heal from arthritic tension and stiffness. Emotionally and psychologically I gained a greater clarity of my true self and a clearer vision of my path. And spiritually I felt connected and in-tune with the Universe. In addition, the number of Synchronicities that I have been experiencing have increased. Truly the QHHT/PLR sessions are like a Key that unlocks a Gate to a new state of being and a renewed Self.


William Lummis Jr. ~ Kerrville, TX

I look forward to another session, in the near future, of healing and understanding. Read more . . .

My experience with QHHT orchestrated with my practitioner Yvonne Self was and still is a rewarding experience. A serendipity occurrence happened soon after our session and I continue to be amazed at the clarity in which I have had since.

I look forward to another session, in the near future, of healing and understanding. Thanks Again Yvonne.


Karen Langley ~ Austin, TX

Yvonne is a very gifted intuitive caring compassionate facilitator. Read more . . .

Yvonne is a very gifted intuitive caring compassionate facilitator. Her listening and processing skills are exceptional and her depth of understanding and knowledge of shamanic practices impressive. A session with Yvonne does wonders for your soul!


Shon Hopkins ~ Austin, TX

My first session with Yvonne was enlightening... Read more . . .

My first session with Yvonne was enlightening and although I had a difficult time in “letting go” I did manage to go to some very interesting places and see some extremely intriguing things. I enjoyed it so much I did a second session a few months later. In both instances I learned a great deal about myself and found it all to be very revealing, and exhilarating. I've recommended Yvonne to a few of my friends who have had similar experiences. You will not be disappointed in allowing Yvonne to assist you in finding your previous selves!


Xamara Perez ~ Georgetown, TX

It was a raw, insightful, and eye-opening experience that I would recommend to anyone... Read more . . .

Just thought I would start this review with a little about myself. I am just starting my spiritual journey and awakening. I was introduced to a book by Dolores Cannon and that is what sparked my interest in QHHT and PLR.

I met with Yvonne at her house and I was super anxious because this was the first time I had ever reached out to anyone for help. My goal was to find my purpose in this life. I felt a sense of quietness and peace as I was approaching the house, but also a weird vibe as if there was a presence there (as I would later find out there was). The first 2 hours were spent going over the paperwork I had been asked to complete prior to the session about myself.

It was very enlightening and emotional as Yvonne channeled the information that I needed to hear. The next 2 hours were spent under hypnosis/debriefing. Just so you know I was/am able to remember everything that happened. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I knew something had happened because I had an intense headache at the base of my skull/neck, felt cloudy/foggy and nauseated after the session. Yvonne said this was from all the healing/cleansing of chakras that had occurred.

It has been 2 months since that session and I am still figuring out the messages I received at that time. I now meditate more and am learning to listen to my body when it speaks. I feel better and am getting to know myself and my purpose more and more every day. It was a raw, insightful, and eye-opening experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in QHHT and PLR!


Eric R ~ Austin, TX

I had a great experience with Yvonne... Read more . . .

I had a great experience with Yvonne during my past life regression!! Her voice will lull you into relaxation and on to the "hypnotic" state for many. Oh...and the music she uses also relaxes you as well. Her place and "space" alone, where she performs the PLRs, is energetically packed to help you into altered states of consciousness. I found out that I have a concurrent life as a female, a "troubled" female, and I am a male in this life. Her past life regression sessions will bring healing to those who are in the allowing state. She truly is a unique person!! My love to her and to all who read this!


Sharon McCorrmick ~ Ojai, CA

My session with Yvonne was fantastic! Read more . . .

My session with Yvonne was fantastic! She not only led me through a past life in England which explained several of my issues in this lifetime, she also helped me discover what happened during some missing time while I was driving on an LA freeway one day. Thank you, Yvonne!